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Cosette Shamonki celebrated her birthday at Enterprise Farms. EF gave her a copy of the book "Blackie The Horse Who Stood Still" and on a recent trip to the San Francisco bay area, Cosi found there really is a Blackie statue!

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Subj: Blackie

Gene - The kids are up in SF this weekend. They went to Tiburon to find Blackie at my nudging. Here's the photographic evidence that they suceeded! Jaime

News from Austin

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Hi Gene,

Another hot summer here in Austin. July was very wet (and hot). Now it's just scorching. Lily is once again doing the senior counselor thing at horse camp (Switch Willo). Do you know that she has attended horse camp each and every year since her first with you? She has also started giving lessons as a substitute for other trainers. It's really something to watch her teach, it serves to remind me how fast time goes. She really loves it, plus it's not a bad way to make a few bucks! She will be a senior in high school this year.

I know I've said this before but I don't think it can ever be overstated, how much I appreciate and value her formative years at Enterprise Farms. She and I often talk about her time there. It will never be forgotten.

How's by you? Do you ever see any of the gang from "the old days?" Lily would love to go to college in the L.A. area and if it ever happens, we'll be sure to come by and catch up.

All my best,



Nida's Update

Subj: good news from Mt Holyoke!

Hi Gene!
Today we had an IHSA show here at Mt. Holyoke, and I made my official debut in my new division (Beginning Walk-Trot-Canter).
And guess what?
This is my first blue ribbon EVER, so I was unbelievably excited!
At the end of the day, Mt. Holyoke was the champion with 47/49 points, and UMASS came in second with 32/49 points!
Here are a couple of pictures of me and my blue ribbon (and my friend who's in the same division as me - we both learned how to ride together here at MHC 3 years ago) ^O^
(my expression is a bit weird because I had been crying since I was so happy)
Though I'm really sad to be graduating soon and have to leave all my favorite schoolies behind, I can't wait to get back to LA so I can ride the wonderful schoolies at EF!

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Subj: Re: good news from Mt Holyoke!

Oh, and I forgot to say THANK YOU to EF for helping me to get to this point in my riding! I know that I couldn't have done it if I hadn't ridden at EF last summer and this past winter break!
See you soon~!


Deanna's Story (Zuhrah's Wild Ride)

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Subj: thanks

Thank goodness for the years of top notch riding lessons Zuhrah had at Enterprise Farms !

Yesterday she, Amanda and Sami were at the equestrian center in the carriage/cross country arena when her horse suddenly grabbed the bit in his teeth and bolted. Really took off, full on galloping over ditches, down a step type cross country hill, etc. She had the presence of mind to drop her irons and swing one leg over when she saw him heading toward the pavement and knew she would not be able to stop him. She lept off just before he hit the pavement and landed on her hip. Got dragged a little, too. Talk about and emergency dismount ! Luckily, 1) I did not see this and 2) she only got a little scraped up and bruised, nothing broken. Amanda called us at home to be on the lookout for Doc, and, sure enough, he was in the driveway when we came rushing out of the house. Of course, he had bolted all the way home; luckily no one had hit him where the trail crosses the streets. And, he was soaked with sweat. When Zuhrah got back (riding behind Sami) she was not walking so straight, but, to her credit, she got back on that SOB and cooled him out, picked his feet, etc. He is at Amanda's on a feed lease, so he is going back to where he came from on Wednesday - although Zuhrah thinks with a different bit and a curb she would like to give him another try!

So thanks to Chris, Nancy, Jenny, Tracy, and all the other instructors over the years ! love, Deanna

Zuhrah on Sweet Pea during our Halloween Parade in 2006.

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